Frequently Asked Questions


How much does the program cost?

There are currently 2 locations, at Montlake and at MLK. The offerings at these programs are slightly different, and are priced differently. The one day program (Mondays) at Montlake costs $115 for 4 weeks, and does not include weekend trips. The costs for the two day program (Tues & Thur) and weekend trips at MLK varies from month to month (number of classes) and can be found on the Schedule & Fees page.


Do Weekend Trips cost more?

Weekend trips are included at no additional charge for programs run out of the MLK Community Center. If there is an opportunity for the students to go on a trip that may  incur any additional costs, then parents will be consulted and informed prior to any final decision. 


Prorated Billing

Billing is prorated only for first time students if they join us after the start of any session.


Placing a hold for a spot

There are a limited number spots available at any location. To place a hold for a spot please email If there are a significant number of holds, we will try to open up additional classes. 


How/when do I pay for classes?

If enrolled at the MLK location, we would prefer checks made payable to Pinnacle Explorations Outdoor School. If enrolled at the Montlake location, please call (206) 684-4736. Payment is due at the beginning of each month/session.


Is there any priority given for enrollment?

Priority will be given to students who are currently enrolled, as well as to those with siblings currently enrolled.


Late Pick-up Policy

The Montlake program ends at 6 pm, while the MLK program ends at 6:30 pm. We offer the option of Late-Care for the entire week that goes an additional 30 minutes after close. This option can be added at the beginning of the week, otherwise additional fees may be charged. Please call the school if you think you might be late. 


Is transportation provided from my child's school to the community center?

We do not currently provide transportation from school sites to the community center. However, we are able to have staff walk students from some school sites that are near the community centers. You can email to inquire if your student's school is within our walking distance. 


Is transportation provided for weekend trips?

We do not currently provide transportation for weekend trips, though we do try to help coordinate with other parents to provide transportation. Many trips will try to stay within city limits, though there will be several throughout the year that will involve longer travel. We will give parents as much notice as possible for any trips going outside of city limits.


Can students enrolled in the Montlake program go on weekend trips?

In general, weekend trips are planned only for students enrolled in the MLK program. However, there may be trips where students from other locations may attend, based on logistics and costs. Costs will vary depending on the type of trip. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding specific trips -


Are you able to accommodate a child with special needs?

We try to accept all students within our capabilities, and encourage parents who believe that Pinnacle can be a good option for their child to Contact Us.