Animal Safari

Perfect for animal lovers, young naturalists, and aspiring zoologists! Learn about domestic & wild animals as we search the zoo, farms, and forest to get up close and personal with animals. Campers connect with animals through Zoo exploration, up-close animal experiences, engineering challenges, and nature play.

Garden-to-Table Cooking


When kids learn to garden and cook, food becomes more than just what they find in the fridge. Campers learn how to care for a plant from seed to harvest, while also taking the day’s produce to make a healthy snack/meal. Our younger campers will focus on baking challenges (bread, macaroons, etc), while our older campers hone their knife skills.



Geocache Seattle!

Campers will learn about all of secret clues hidden around them in plain sight. They'll hone their powers of observation and deduction while using GPS devices to search Seattle for geocaches. Field trips will be taken to find some of Seattle's best geocaches from Pike Place Market to the Fremont Troll.

Green Machines: Tech of Today & Tomorrow


Campers will harness the power of their imagination and renewable resources to design & build creative solutions to environmental challenges. They will be empowered to explore and experiment as they bring their ideas to life. No idea is too silly or impossible!



Nature Crafts: From Branch to Wand


A stick is never just a stick when we’re outdoors and have our imagination. Campers will explore and make crafts using nature as their inspiration and materials. They’ll explore the world through hands-on activities, nature games, storytelling and songs. Discover mud, bugs and plants with new and returning friends while creating an adventures together.

Rock Hunters!


Our young geologists will hunt for rocks,“gems,” and glacial erratics while exploring the wilderness. They’ll be able to tumble and polish their rocks, and even crush them to make their own ink. There will be lots of time to experiment and play with volcanoes, growing crystals, geodes, and making some colorful and yummy rock candy.



Sealab 2019

Plan on getting wet as our young marine biologist explore nearby waterways! Campers will go kayaking & fishing, dissect squids, test water quality and spend lots of time playing in the water. No swimming experience is required, but a love for the water is highly recommended!

Storybook Adventurers

Campers will be immersed in their own Storybook Adventure. They’ll have to figure out clues, riddles, maps and compass directions left to them by pirates, fairies, hippogriffs, and more. They'll hone their skills as they embark on a journey searching for lost treasure, and in the end will take home a storybook of their adventure with them as the main characters.



Survival Skills: The Rule of 3


All creatures have similar basic needs: air, shelter, water, and food. Campers will discover what those needs are by learning to use the "Rule of 3" as a general guideline. They will learn how to weave, collect water, build debris shelters, and make a fire. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it as they celebrate with s’mores in the end.