Compass & Games: Finding our way

Session I: July 17-21th (5 days) ages 5-7

Session II: August 14-18th (5 days) ages 5-7


Whether its finding your way home or a trip to the moon, calculating the proper course is vital. Campers learn the art and skill of using a map and compass. They'll hone their skills as they embark on a journey searching for lost treasure, and become empowered to discover where else they can go.


Farm-to-Table Cooking

Session I: June 27-30th (4 days) ages 5-7

Session II: July 5-7th (3 days) ages 8-11

Session III: July 24-28th (5 days) ages 5-7

Session IV: July 31-August 4th (5 days) ages 8-11


When kids participate in any aspect of gardening and cooking, it changes their approach to food and causes them to think about food differently. Campers learn how to care for a plant from seed to harvest, while also taking the day’s produce to make a healthy snack/meal with a local chef.


Nature Crafts: From a Branch to a Wand

Session I: July 31-August 4th (5 days) ages 5-7

Session II: August 28-September 1st (5 days) ages 5-7


With nature as our guide, campers will learn how animals survive in the wilderness and attempt to mimic their behaviors and creations. Campers will identify native plants and learn stories of their uses, recognize features of different habitats, and learn to identify signs of animal activity. 

Survival Skills: The Rule of 3

Session I: July 24-28th (5 days) ages 8-11

Session II: August 7-11th (5 days) ages 8-11


All creatures have similar basic needs: air, shelter, water, and food. Campers will discover what those needs are by learning to use the "Rule of 3" as a general guideline. They will learn how to make simple clothing, build debris shelters, and make a fire. 


Geocache Seattle!

Session I: July 10-14th (5 days) ages 8-11

Session II: August 21-25th (5 days) ages 8-11


Campers will learn about all of secret clues hidden around them in plain sight. They'll hone their powers of observation and deduction while using GPS devices to search Seattle for geocaches. Field trips will be taken to find some of Seattle's best geocaches from Pike Place Market to the Fremont Troll. Don't let the muggles see you!

homemade natural watercolor paint.jpg

Art in Nature

Session I: July 10-14th (5 days) ages 5-7

Session II: July 17-21st (5 days) ages 8-11

Session III: August 7-11th (5 days) ages 5-7 (FULL)

Session IV: August 14-18th (5 days) ages 8-11


Hiking around Seattle, our campers will use nature as our inspiration. Campers will learn basic composition techniques as they experiment with different mediums including finger-painting, water color, charcoal, and photography.


Water: Our Little Blue Planet

Session I: June 27-30th (4 days) ages 8-11

Session II: July 5-7th (3 days) ages 5-7 (FULL)

Session III: August 21-25th (5 days) ages 5-7

Session IV: August 28-September 1st (5 days) ages 8-11


Get wet & wild exploring the wonder that is water! Campers will learn about our watershed, search for aquatic animals, and spend lots of time playing in the water. No swimming experience is required, but a love for water is strongly suggested!