Pinnacle Explorations is dedicated to providing a meaningful educational experience that inspires students to develop lifelong connections with the natural world. With a focus on hands-on experiential learning, students are engaged through interactive demonstrations, experiments, crafts, and field trips. Students are encouraged to share and build on their own experiences, while we expose them to a variety of scientific concepts and outdoor skills. While nurturing a sense of stewardship for the environment, we also strive to develop a student’s intellectual, social, and ethical foundation in the belief that these qualities are necessary to actively engage in creating a better, more sustainable world.



Environmental Stewardship - Preserving our natural world for posterity.

Compassion - Demonstrating concern and acting with a spirit of respect and generosity in service to others.

Integrity - Acting with honesty, being accountable for your decisions and actions.

Excellence - Being your best self, pursuing craftsmanship in your actions, and living a healthy & balanced life.

Inclusion and Diversity - Valuing & working to create communities representative of our society that support and respect differences.

Service - Acting selflessly to meet the needs of others and our environment.